Youtubeで自己紹介する / I introduced myself on Youtube (En + Jp)


I created a text version of my video from February 28th.


↓↓↓↓ Please check out my Youtube channel (En + Jp) ↓↓↓↓

《以下、文字起こし》《Text version below.》

—– ベルリンに住んで絵を本格的に描き始めたこと / Living in Berlin and focusing on my art making —–


Nice to meet you. I’m Kensuke Saito. I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1978


I was born with a severe hearing disability, and due to this, I naturally depended a lot on visual information. 


I think this nurtured the ground for me to draw, paint, and create video clips.


I started living in Berlin in 2015.


I had always been drawing and painting, but moving to Berlin, allowed me to really focus on my art making.


Living in Berlin, changed my taste in music.


Berlin is a home to a lot of musicians and artists, and I found that there are lots of unique musicians around me. 


When I go out clubbing, I also get inspired by the music scene here.


I listed to music while I make my art, I find music to be a very large inspiration source. 


In my videos, along with my art practices, I would like to introduce music from musicians I encountered in Berlin.

—– なぜ、youtubeを始めようと思ったのか / Why I decided to start youtube —–


I used to think that the art making practice is somewhat sacred and it should be in a place far away from the outside world.


After I moved to Berlin and really making art, doing shows , and exposing my art to a lot of people, 


I started to think that art develops a meaning after it creates a relationship with the outside world.


So I thought,  in that case, instead of just showing the finished painting, why not share the process of how it’s being made.


To really show how I approach the works and to share the flow of time in the studio with everyone. I believe that by doing this, I can look at myself objectively, and at the same time develop something further.


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