Memories with friends / 友との思い出


I got to know Genki a couple years ago. At one point he was staying at our place with us, doing dance and macramé. Macramé is a handcraft where one knots using yarns or cords.

Genki is a dancer and also makes macramé, and I on the other hand draw and make videos. We are more than 12 years apart and it seemed like we didn’t have much in common, but we came to get along quite well. We spent many late nights wondering around the city of Berlin, sitting by the river talking about our aspirations and how we wanted to be.

At that time, it seemed like Genki was at a moment of change in his life. He seemed uncertain of what he actually wanted to do and seemed a bit anxious during that time. But whenever he had time, he was doing his macramé.

“What is that? Is that your hobby? “

I asked him this question many times. He couldn’t answer me at that time, but I noticed that whenever he had time, he would spend time making his macramé.

Gradually he started to spend more time doing his macramé, and he created more works. This inspired me very much.

There was a time when he was staying with us for a month, and during that time, while I painted in my studio, he would do his macramé in the same studio sitting behind me. The only sound in this studio was the sound of the pen and the sound of the macramé making, which seemed somewhat surreal but it was a memorable time for me.

One day, when we were eating together I said to him,

“You say that you don’t know what you want to do…. but it seems like you’ve already found it”
“You mean this?”

I realized that he felt something there so he was able to say “yeah…true”.
After this, he returned to Japan once and he now lives in Bordeaux, France. Before he moved to Bordeaux, he came to see me in Berlin and showed me the new macramé works he had made. They all looked really nice. I really liked one, and I wanted to buy it but he told me that it was already reserved for someone else. I was disappointed, but at the same time really happy.

Right now, he lives in Bordeaux, and he has a macramé brand online. You can see his works there, so please check them out.



















Below are Genki’s bio and brand introduction. Please have a look!

I’m Genki Matsuyama from Japan, based in Bordeaux.
I’ve been traveling in the world since 2011.

I started to create jewelries in 2015.
While I’m creating, I tried to understand the stone and to highlight it. It is important to keep it pure and delicate, to benefit the full energetic potential.

What is Kloboca ?
Kloboca means driftwood.
Genki means “tree” in Japanese. I have been travelling around the world like the driftwood and the stone I am collecting from Peru, India, central America… They are traveling with me and stop by your hand everywhere in the world.

What is Macrame?

The origin of the word means to connect in Arabic

It’s a handicraft that creates a geometric pattern with a knot connecting the strings.

Wrap the gemstone stone with wax cord and used natural material
It has an atmosphere that is in harmony with the nature by handmade.






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