New Beginning | 新しい始まり

2020年5月1日にYouTubeに公開した動画を文字起こししました。下記のurlが、僕のYoutubeのチャンネルです。興味ある方は見てみてください。( English below )

I created a text version of my video from May 1st. ↓↓↓↓ Please check out my Youtube channel (En + Jp) ↓↓↓↓


















Hi, this is Ken from Berlin

The new piece begins

I started painting this on the 16th of February, 2020

I will make several in-progress videos to show you the whole process

While I was working on this piece, the world drastically changed from a normal everyday life to a world of uneasiness and anxiety

The uneasiness grew day by day, and I felt it through the air

And as I felt this, my paintings gradually started to express what I was feeling

I hope you guys can check out the videos

to see how the painting was influenced over time

It was my first time to feel that my painting was actually being influenced by the period of time I was living in 

It scared me at first

but I decided to take this opportunity to reflect the time I was living in

As I kept painting, I tried to be honest through my expressions

In making this video

I will be using the track from a Berlin-based music producer, Ennio. Ennio made this track right after the lockdown and released it

Ennio and I both live in Berlin

I express through painting

He expresses through music

And we both created our art

I wanted to put the art expressions of this period

together in a form of a video

I’m actually excited to find out how the in-progress videos will turn out

I have Ennio’s info down below so 

please check if you are interested

Well, let’s start the video

This is the beginning when we still had the “normal” daily life

So here we go

ーーー video on youtube ーーー

That’s it for today

I hope you can feel the gradual changes of the society through the making of the artwork

Thank you for watching the video

That was from Berlin


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